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Exceptional Personal Injury Representation For Auto Accident Victims In Virginia

A motor vehicle crash is perhaps the most common type of personal injury claim. And, while there is no shortage of lawyers eager to take your case, many lack the experience, knowledge, drive and confidence to achieve real results. At The Law Office of Maury & Krol, PLLC, we are different. We are aggressive, results-driven lawyers with a strong record of success in and out of the courtroom. To date, we have obtained more than $20 million in compensation for our clients in the form of jury verdicts, settlements and arbitration awards. We have helped hundreds of other accident victims, and we can help you, too.

Ready To Handle Any Type Of Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Throughout our many years in practice, we have helped clients who have been injured in a wide variety of auto accident scenarios, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents (semis and tractor-trailers)
  • Commercial vehicle crashes
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Pedestrian and bicyclist injuries
  • Rideshare accidents (Uber and Lyft)

Each accident is unique and needs to be treated that way. Some attorneys may just rely on the contents of the police report or information gathered by the insurance company. At our firm, it is different. When you hire us, we immediately begin a thorough and independent investigation into the details of your case. We collect evidence from all available sources, including witness statements, video/photographic evidence, cellphone records, medical records, data from each vehicle’s “black box” and any details we observe by visiting the scene of the accident. We even speak with police officers to see if there are errors or omissions in the written reports.

This thorough research is necessary for two reasons. First, it allows us to build a strong case against the at-fault party. Second, it helps us assess the full extent of your injuries, property damage and other losses so that we can seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

Unrelenting Advocacy For Victims Who Suffer Catastrophic Injuries

Any auto accident has the potential to cause significant injuries, and we have witnessed the devastating effects of particularly serious crashes. We’ve helped clients seek damages for traumatic brain injuries, orthopedic injuries requiring surgery, paralysis and more. These clients will face the longest and hardest roads to recovery, and full recovery may not be possible.

If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you can trust our experience with these types of cases as well as our passion for helping victims and their families. We will work tirelessly to secure the funds you need to cover current and future medical bills, lost wages and reduced earning capacity, the costs of home adaptations to accommodate disability, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Why You Need An Aggressive And Trial-Tested Attorney

Virginia is one of the only states in the country with laws based on the legal principle of “contributory negligence.” Under this principle, injury victims are prohibited from claiming compensation if they contributed to the accident or their own injuries in any way – no matter how small that contribution may have been. The first thing insurance companies and other defendants will do is shift the blame and allege that you shared fault for what happened.

We fight aggressively to keep the blame and the liability where it belongs – on them. Our investigative skills, our fearless negotiation tactics and our trial experience allow us to recover on behalf of clients who might otherwise be unfairly denied compensation. We want to do the same for you.

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