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Handling estate administration and probate is not easy. You will need the counsel of a team that you can trust.

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In Virginia, if someone dies without a will, the process of handling their estate is called administration. If someone leaves a last will and testament, the process of validating it and then handling the related affairs is called probate.

The person handling probate or estate administration is called an executor or an administrator. Some of their tasks include:

  • Filing documents with the court
  • Contacting beneficiaries
  • Repaying creditors
  • Filing taxes
  • Inventorying assets
  • Valuing assets
  • Distributing assets

Executors and administrators often work with a probate lawyer to ensure that they fulfill their duties correctly. If you make an error, you could have to spend a substantial amount of money to fix it – money that you could have saved by hiring an estate administration attorney the first time around. Further, if a dispute arises among beneficiaries or another interested party, your lawyer can help you resolve it or take the matter to trial.

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